More Deadly Flooding in China During Record Rainy Season

China continues to see one of the worst rainy seasons in decades this week following another series of storms from west to east across the country.


Flooding in Beijing

Flooding in Beijing

In Hubie province a storm triggered massive flooding killing 14 people and leaving 72 missing. That was just on Wednesday though. Across all of China over 150 people have been killed this past month. Most them along one of the biggest and most populated river basins in the world the Yangzi River.


In Hunan province in fact the rain totals have been rather staggering with over 800mm being reported in a few locations since the start of July. To put it in perspective the average for Hunan for the whole month is around 230mm.


Not only flooding has been taking place but also landslides. The video below shows one such slide from this past weekend that demolished 14 homes. No one was killed in this event thanks to evacuation orders, still though it shows the raw power of one of these slides and how dangerous they can be.

In Beijing and Hebei province Wednesday severe flooding killed 14 and left 72 missing. The storm dropped a incredible 286mm of rainfall in just a 24hr period. The downpour has caused all major rivers to inundate their banks. It has also inflicted damage on 11 dams and two hydro power stations. Travel was also impacted with hundreds of flights cancelled and half the subway system was shut down.


In 2012 many may remember when Beijing was hit by severe flooding killing 37 in the city. The article at the link discusses what led to those severe floods in the city.


The forecast still looks rough for the country. The storm that impacted Beijing continues to move north east bringing an additional 100mm to areas around Harbin, China.  By Sunday in to Monday another low pressure area will form along the rainy season front in South West China and then Charge north east. Good news this one should stay north of the Yangzi river giving them a much needed break.  Check this link to get a look at the GFS model guidance showing this developing low.





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