Tropical Storm Mirinae Moves Over Hainan in to Vietnam

We now have our third name Tropical System of 2016 in the Western Pacific. Tropical Storm Mirinae continues to track west over Hainan this morning bringing heavy rainfall and gale force conditions. Expect the storm to track in to the Gulf of Tonkin today and make landfall in Vietnam tonight.


The rain will continue to be the main threat though, up to 200mm could be seen in Hainan and Northern Vietnam.  The rainfall will be at the highest though in Southern Hainan as moisture bands wrap around from the gulf of Tonkin through the rest of the day.

As the storm moves in to Vietnam it will quickly weaken dropping most of its moisture in locations north of Vietnam.

Check the latest forecast here.


The wind in the storm is enough to toss around light objects and knock down tree limbs but as before stated the rain will continue to be the main issue. The Gulf of Tonkin has a way of surprising us though so lets continue to monitor the storm as it tracks west. Wind has also knocked out power in parts of Hainan.

Total Rainfall Accumulation / Myself On NHKWORLD

Total Rainfall Accumulation / Myself On NHKWORLD

In a seperate weather system  in North East China dramatic footage was shot by a security camera of a Tornado ripping apart a highway toll both.  No injuries occurred in this event.

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