Mirinae leaves 1 dead in Vietnam, now continues to weaken

 Tropical Storm Mirinae now continues to weaken across Northern Vietnam after rolling onshore Thursday early morning as a Severe Tropical storm with winds over 100kph.

One person was killed and five people were injured when a house collapsed in Hanoi due to the strong winds.

State TV reported the city of Ninh Binh was submerged in a half of a meter of water halting traffic. Meanwhile in Noi Bai all flights were stormcancelled due to the rough weather. Flight in and out of Hanoi were also suspended. In one town of Thai Binh 7 fishing vessels were sunk in port as waves crashed ashore.


With this damage and casualty toll we must take note that even tropical storms can still be severe and dangerous despite not having the “typhoon” name.  A example of this was in 2011 Tropical Storm Washi hit the southern Philippines killing a estimated 1,268–2,546 people.


Vietnam averages about 7-10 tropical storms or typhoons a year. Thus despite this calm season with only 3 named storms thus far things do not look over yet for the country, even as far as statistics are concerned.

Impacts in Hainan


In Hainan no deaths have been reported but there has been damage to homes and infrastructure. Trees can been seen in video out of Wanning scattered around the road. Today will be a slow cleanup for the island that has taken much worst in years past. Even just in 2014 Typhoon Rammasun ripped through the province with winds up to 260kph.

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