Mirinae really got its act together overnight making landfall early this morning just East of Hanoi as a Severe Tropical Storm. Winds are still enough to bring down small trees and toss light objects in this storm but I still think the rain will continue to be the main issue. A tropical storm and flooding warning remains in effect for northern areas of Vietnam and we can expect there to be flooding and possible landslides in the inland steeper mountains through Thursday in to Friday. 


The storm has already now been downgraded to a Tropical storm and will continue to weaken out through the rest of Thursday over northern Vietnam.  Even though the winds will be a issue the rain as mentioned before will be the main threat. Especially along mountain ranges just west of Hanoi where up to 200-300mm could occur as cloud cover streams  in off the warm waters in the Gulf of Tonkin.


Impacts so far? 

In Hainan no deaths have been reported but there has been damage to homes and infrastructure. Trees can been seen in video out of Wanning scattered around the road. Today will be a slow cleanup for the island that has taken much worst in years past. Even just in 2014 Typhoon Rammasun ripped through the province with winds up to 260kph.

So far limited information has come out of Vietnam, our next update hopefully the casualty toll will remain at zero.

Below is a NASA High resolution image of the storm prior to landfall in Hainan Tuesday.

high res


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