Typhoon Nida made landfall over night around 0230 Local Hong Kong time as a Cat 1 Equivalent Typhoon. Max winds were reported on some of the islands around the city  up to 140kph.  Through Tuesday morning T8 is expected to stay in place with most schools  and businesses closed and flights cancelled at Hong Kong and surrounding cities airports including Macao and Shenzen.


Despite Nida coming ashore as a Typhoon Hong Kong easily handled it as it moved just east of the city. With it moving just towards the east as we said in yesterdays video update the worst of the storm stayed in more rural areas with the closest metro area on the east side of the storm being Shanwei.

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Even though the city of Hong Kong is built for typhoons and defenses have been put in place reduce surge, flooding and landslides this does not stop loose debris from flying around on the streets and is why residents have been asked to stay in doors until the all clear has been given later on Tuesday.  The exact time on when that will happen may be extended though as rain bands wrap around from the south end of the storm.

Now as Nida tracks inland it will continue to weaken and the high wind threat will become less and less a factor with the rain becoming the main issue over the next 48hrs. The China Meteorological Agency is actually forecasting rainfall to add up to 350mm in total in parts of Guangdong extending in to Guangxi provinces. That is enough to bring a serious threat of flooding and landslides throughout that region.

In the Philippines at the time Severe tropical storm (Typhoon via JTWC) Nida (Carina known in the Philippines) tracked over the North Coast of Luzon where it blew through Sunday stifling travel across the area and forcing at least 500 families to evacuate according to the NDRRMC. Good news is that no deaths have been reported at this time due to the storm in the Philippines. This is despite a tornado being reported due to the storm and several landslides that damaged over a dozen homes.



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