As Nida weakens out over Southern China and Northern Vietnam today we start to shift our attention to a new developing storm system near Guam that could be develop in to our next named storm.


Nida is not completely over with though, the remnant low continues to bring heavy rains in to northern Vietnam. Despite the storm leaving no one dead in the Philippines and China a rather surprising and hopeful statistic it did kill 2 in northern Vietnam.


The storm also destroyed 17 homes in the country and damaged numerous hectares of crops.  Internet services in Vietnam were also slowed


after a submarine cable was cut during the storm.




Could we have Tropical Storm Omais over the coming days? It is possible and the Japan Meteorological Agency does expect it by Friday morning. As of Thursday morning JMA does have a Tropical Depression located north east of the Mariana islands.  The area is rather broad and holds a “monsoonal gyre” kind of look with a half donut type shape on satellite imagery.


Atmospheric conditions are there though to allow further development and model guidance also agrees with this notion, models and the atmospheric layout also indicate the storm should track north over the coming days as well. Basically skirting the Ogasawara and Izu islands of Japan, a few locations that are basically typhoon proof and would not need to worry too much about this storm.

wind flow



Heading in to late NEXT WEEK numerical guidance is showing a hot bed of activity over the oceans between Japan Guam and Taiwan. A few storms developing and producing a Fujiwara effect and heading off in multiple directions depending on what model run you are looking at. CHECK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF


I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH this is long range and a very complex setup, it is interesting to look at in the model outlook but what you see now has a very low chance of occurring. Wait a few more days and then look again and you might have a more accurate view.


That is all I have for today though, it’s a beautiful day in Tokyo with sunny skies in the forecast. I intend to enjoy it after my shows at NHKWORLD. You can watch here actually 20 minutes after the hour every morning Monday through Friday.

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