We now have our 5th named storm of the Tropical Season as the normally active typhoon season finally starts to get its gears in motion as we head in to the peak season.



Tropical Storm Omais now located just north east of Saipan is a classic developing storm rolling off of the monsoonal front stretching all the way from the Philippines. This means it has plenty of moisture but lacks in defined structure. It is expected though to continue to transition from this “monsoonal depression” look in to a full blown organized tropical system.


The storm is expected to max out as a Typhoon while it nears the Ogaswara islands including Chichi and Haha Jima the more populated of the Izu islands containing several thousand residents.

These islands are known for getting typhoons though and being on there own when they do it, so there is little worry of any form of disaster taking place here.

wind flow

Eventually the storm will track north staying east of Honshu and the Izu islands for the most part in to early next week. Still it could kick up some high waves for coastal areas of mainland Japan.


Heading in to late NEXT WEEK numerical guidance is showing a hot bed of activity over the oceans between Japan Guam and Taiwan. A few storms developing and producing a Fujiwara effect and heading off in multiple directions depending on what model run you are looking at. CHECK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF

I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH this is long range and a very complex setup, it is interesting to look at in the model outlook but what you see now has a very low chance of occurring. Wait a few more days and then look again and you might have a more accurate view.

That is all I have for today though, it’s a beautiful day in Tokyo with sunny skies in the forecast. I intend to enjoy it after my shows at NHKWORLD. You can watch here actually 20 minutes after the hour every morning Monday through Friday.





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