A rare and damaging Tornado blew through Manila Sunday afternoon causing damage to old Manila near Manila bay.  The tornado was on the ground for only a few moments but long enough to rip up metal roofing and knock over trees and signs. Several injuries were reported due to the storm. There are some media outlets reporting the tornado killed 5 people but that looks like it was due to the floods which have also been dominating the area and not this specific wind event according to the NDRRMC. 


Amateur video was posted all over facebook of the event.



The storm developed within the south west monsoon or locally known as Habagat which has been dominating the Manila area for the past week.  Flooding was reported on Friday and Saturday in the NCR (Greater Metro Area) due to the heavy rains.


With the monsoon still going strong and Chanthu to the north east more rains can be expected across western Luzon over the coming days. Plus the continued threat of flooding.



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