Nemuro outlook

Japan is contending with two separate tropical systems this Monday at the start of Obon week kicks off, a series of holidays where many Japanese travel across the country and abroad.  



To the north we have Conson, now a tropical storm with winds gusting up to 108kph. The storm is located just towards the east of Nemuro where winds up to 78kph were reported Monday morning. This town is used to strong winds typically from winter storms that rake the area. So little damage is expected from it. Yet for those who are traveling across Hokkaido for the holiday season they could be seeing some delays. Conson is expected to continue to track north becoming a extra-tropical low by Monday evening.


Following on the heals of Conson is Chanthu, a Severe Tropical Storm now tracking past the Ogasawara islands of Japan. This still is following in similar atmospheric dynamics as Conson and will take a track much the same.


One difference will be though the mid-latitude trough that pulled Conson north will not be as influential making it so Chanthu will track further west in to the Tokyo area by early Wednesday morning.



As of Monday it looks like the storm should skim the Kanto plain just to the east. If this happens then the weather in Tokyo and Kanagawa should NOT be that rough as the left side of the storm would be passing over head. The right side of typhoons especially further north is where the worst weather is as it takes in consideration the forward movement of the storm. Plus in this case the moisture coming in off the ocean as well.


JMA does not expect Chanthu to become a full fledged Typhoon as wind shear will work on the storm this far north. But it still is strong enough to produce damage especially downing trees or signs. Plus there will be a flood threat by Wednesday for central and northern areas of Honshu,.


Flights starting Tuesday night in to Wednesday could be delayed at Tokyo’s airports depending on how close the storm gets. Otherwise in the city do not expect to many delays on the trains. But coastal lines in Kanagawa and Chiba might see some loss in services.

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