Tropical Storm Chanthu 台風 07 Nears Coastal Japan, High Winds Expected Overnight

Rough weather is hitting the Izu islands south of Tokyo this morning as Tropical Storm Chanthu passes near the island2island chain to the east. Winds up to 60kph reported on Hachijo Jima as of 7AM Tuesday morning. Good news is the Izu islands are built for typhoons with most of the islands structures being made out of cement and rock. Thus little damage is expected from these tropical storm strength winds.


The storm actually as weakened as well quite considerably over the past 24hrs. Dry air inflow along with cooler sea surface temperatures as forced out much of the convection inside Chanthu. It still has rainfall with it especially right of the storms track but it is by no means a symmetrical tropical system.

Still though, as the storm approaches the mainland conditions will worsen through Tuesday night in to Wednesday morning along the Kanto coast. High winds up to 108kph and 250mm of rainfall is possible in the Kanto (Greater Tokyo Region) as the storm passes by.  Especially east of the Metro area where the storm is expected to come on shore and to the right of the storms center line.  This will mainly be in coastal Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures.

Check the latest track from JMA here. 

The downtown Tokyo area will see some gusty winds overnight, enough to toss light objects or trash that has been put out for Wednesday morning pickup.  Even though conditions will be breezy do not expect any significant delays in the Tokyo Metro system outside a few trains taking extra precautions.




For those in the military in Yokosuka on shore winds off the bay Wednesday morning could bring some high wind gust up to gale force along with large waves along the sea walls in the city. This will likely be at its worst as the storm passes by around 0200 to 0600.




As mentioned before this is enough to toss around light objects and yes “trampolines”. Do not be that person who’s trampoline has crashed in to their neighbors home starting a international incident.


Conditions will begin to improve in the Kanto area as Chanthu tracks north through Wednesday afternoon. Tohoku is still looking at some rough weather though as the storm transitions to a extra-tropical low pressure area.

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