The tropics are turned on around Japan and as we head in to the start of the last week of August Tokyo could be taking the brunt of a typhoon Monday morning.  Meanwhile to the South West Lionrock is meandering and to the north Kompasu is bringing gusty winds to Tohoku and Hokkaido Sunday.

Pretty much Japan is getting battered by three tropical storms / typhoons right now. 

The one of main concern though is Mindulle. Now a Tropical storm moving over t he Ogasawara and Izu islands south of Tokyo. The storm is tracking north though and is expected to come on shore Monday morning around Chiba and Kanagawa Prefecutres. Basically directly south of Tokyo. Then track inland over the city in to the early afternoon hours.

JMA expects winds gusting up to typhoon strength (65kts) to occur across the Kanto plain (Tokyo and the greater Tokyo region), but of course the highest winds will be near the coast in the right front quadrant of the storm.


Mean rainfall is also a worry with up to 30mm a hour and according to JMA up to 600mm in total. There is a high threat of flooding including Urban Flooding with this much rainfall.

JMA is also warning of the threat of tornadoes and frequent lightning as the storm comes on shore.  For those commuting Monday morning they should be extra ready for delays or straight up cancellations of train lines in the Metro area.  Plus coastal lines including ones in Southern Kanagawa near Yokosuka will be more subject to winds and will likely have a higher chance of delays.

The weather should start to clear by the afternoon on Monday for Tokyo but it will not be over yet as it is expected to track north over Hokkaido, the same area now being hit by high winds with Kompasu.

Tokyo and much of the Kanto area seen flooding on Saturday due to rain bands from Lionrock as it moved to the south pumping moisture on shore. One of the biggest fireworks (Hanabi) of the year in Tokyo were almost cancelled due to the rains. Flood warnings were issued most of the day. I personally shot this photo of a flooded parking lot near my place.



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