Lionrock Tracks Near Tokyo, Tohoku to be impacted

Typhoon Lionrock continue to roll along the Japan coast today bringing the threat of damaging winds, heavy rains and pounding surf from the Izu islands to coastal Kanto to Tohoku.  In fact this storm could be the first typhoon to hit the Tohoku region still as a tropical system since records began in the 50s.


Video from Hachijo island shows pounding surf this morning along with high winds hitting the island. Max gust were reported on the southern Izu island where the storm passes near were up to 47kts around 8AM JST.

The Forecast


Typhoon Lionrock will continue to track north before turning more north east towards a passing front now over Japan. This from is the reason for the cooler temperatures and break from the summer heat that started on Sunday. It is also acting as a lure to pull the storm north west on its odd track that could take it in to Tohoku as the first tropical system to hit the area since records started.


The heaviest rainfall will be in Tohoku where the storm comes on shore, here 300-500mm is possible. The obvious threat of flooding and landslides will be very real as well across the same region that was battered by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Winds gusting to typhoon strength along with coastal damaging surf is also a threat, mostly in the right front quadrant of the storms track. Which could be in the Miyagi region near Sendai or just north.



Tokyo should miss the brunt of the storm but overnight Monday in to Tuesday there will still be breezy conditions with Tropical Storm strength gust possible along Tokyo bay. This includes Haneda, (Tokyo airport) Kawasaki, Yokohama and Yokosuka.


For those in these areas I couldn’t worry about evacuating or boarding up windows. But simple preparations ahead of the storm (taking in laundry, taking care of trash, securing lawn furniture) only takes a few minutes and makes a huge difference.


Hope everyone stays safe during this typhoon. Please check our facebook page for continued updates as well as this story develops.


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