Namthuen Impacts Western Japan, New Tropical System Expected

Namthuen continues to weaken today after making landfall Sunday near Nagasaki as a Typhoon. Max winds from the storm were recorded near where the storm came onshore around 97kph at tropiabout 2300 Sunday night.


Evacuation advisories were issued but only a few residents (mostly elderly) actually went to shelters overnight.


Overall though the storm is becoming rather disorganized today falling apart bit by bit as it tracks northward across Kyushu in to Honshu Monday. The main threat will continue to be the rainfall with moisture surging in from the south in to the storm. Kochi prefecture in Shikoku will see the heaviest rain totals with up to 150mm possible

 Check Latest Satellite Images on the storm here

Live Webcams inside the storm here. 

The moisture southerly air will also make conditions unstable in the Tokyo area during the afternoon hours on Monday. This will not be all to wide spread though, more of the localized afternoon thunderstorm type of showers that will be short lived but potent in areas that are impacted.


JMA 24hr forecast

The tropics continue…


Yes near the Philippines there is another cluster of storms being depicted via JMA now as a Low Pressure area and is expected to become a Tropical Depression by Tuesday.


This would the six tropical system to impact Japan in just under a month. A rather incredible statistic also considering the slow start to the tropical season we had earlier.

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