Tropical Storm Malou by no means looks “pretty” this morning with half of its cloud cover being stripped away mainly on the North West side of the circulation. Still though to the South East there is some rough tropical storm strength conditions, same weather that kicked up in Okinawa on Tuesday. For those from Osaka to Tokyo expect heavy rainfall and coastal strong winds through Thursday morning as Malou is pulled north merging with this frontal area.


Japan Weather Outlook (On NHKWORLD)

Japan Weather Outlook (On NHKWORLD)

Max winds near the coast could gust up to 126kph from the Kii Pennisula to the Kanto region. The strongest winds will be in those peninsulas along the pacific coast including the Nagoya area, the Izu Peninsula, Miura (this includes Yokosuka) and Chiba.  Further inland for locations like Tokyo conditions will still be wet and breezy but nothing compared to what will be seen near the coast much like we have seen in previous storms.

To be honest though the winds will only be gusty at times and the rainfall will be the biggest issue. Some areas in central Honshu could see up to 150mm-200mm of total rainfall.


Previous Storm Tracks (On NHKWORLD)

Previous Storm Tracks (On NHKWORLD)

Typhoon Mindulle was the closest storm to brush Tokyo, but in previous weeks there has been a total of 6 tropical systems to impact the entire country of Japan.

In Okinawa no real damage was reported outside of downed signs, tree limbs and flipped lawn furniture.  Max winds were reported on the island up to 61kts or 112kph just shy of typhoon strength.


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