The 13th named storm of 2016 Tropical Storm Malou has been announced by JMA Tuesday morning following the gradual development of a low pressure area off of the monsoonal trough located north east of Luzon.


This storm at this time is not very good looking compared to what a standard typhoon looks like for this region but still it contains a lot of moisture which makes it dangerous. Just last week Typhoon Lionrock rocked northern Japan coming on shore as a disorganized storm but bringing wide spread heavy rains resulting in flooding and landslides.


Good news Malou is much further south in Typhoon the typhoon prone areas of the Okinawa islands, locations much more prepared for these type of storms.


For Okinawa Flooding is possible and people commuting around the island through the coming day should be aware of the hazards with this storm including low lying flooding and short time wind gust within the stronger cells embedded within in the storm. The worst of the storm is expected to roll over Okinawa Honto Tuesday evening through the overnight hours before gradually improving Wednesday.


For the US Military there are ZERO warnings from JTWC on this storm, even though take a minute or two before winds kick up to secure a few outdoor things. Nothing to damaging is expected but as always flying trampolines are not a safe thing to have around.

 Be sure to check the JMA forecast. 

The long range track of Malou also shows the storm skirting the coast of Mainland Japan later this week. The intensity stays below typhoon threshold but with this being the 5th storm to hit the country in only a few short weeks the probability of flooding is heightened.

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