Tropical Moisture Brings Rains Across Japan, Not a Typhoon!

Malou completely and utterly fell apart Wednesday night as a passing front merged with it tearing any sort of tropical low organization out from this short lived storm that several agencies (specifically JTWC) did not even feel like warning on.


Even though it is no longer a tropical storm the moisture is still there and is being felt across central Japan.  Some areas of Western and Central Honshu have seen record breaking rainfall. In Oyama, Saitama 81.5mm in of rain in 1hr was reported smashing the previous record for September.


Discussing Total Rainfall on NHKWORLD

Several roads have been closed a few coastal trains are delayed Thursday morning and some schools have been closed based on a school by school basis.


Some coastal locations still also could see some gusty winds and of course dangerous waves today. It will not be a beach day across central Japan.


Still though this storm is very weak compared to the last few that have impacted Japan. A slight over reaction I feel was seen across the country especially after Lionrock killed people in Tohoku just last week.


This sometimes has to do with the fact that on the Domestic side of things in Japan there is no scale system. A “taifuu” is a “taifuu” no matter if its 300kph or 65kph.  There is a intl. scale but it is barely used and barely known for most residents.

With that said though, conditions will slightly improve for central Honshu Friday in to the weekend. Cloudy skies will prevail but over all conditions will be much better as the low pushes north east.


A series of additional lows are still developing towards South East China, and the tropics will continue to have the potential for development over the coming days.

Check here for the latest satellite image 






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