Typhoon Malakas continues to batter Japan this morning after making landfall in southern Kyushu shortly after mid-night. The storm is not over yet and continues to bring heavy rainfall up to 300mm in the Kinki Region High winds which could top 100kph and dangerous surf.

Rainfall Forecast on NHKWORLD

Rainfall Forecast on NHKWORLD

Check the latest Satellite images on the storm here. 

Latest Storm Tracks can be found here. 

Watch CCTV of the storm here. 

Watch me (Robert) on NHKWORLD all morning with more on the storm. 

All time record breaking rainfall was reported in Kyushu with 110mm seen in just a 1hr span around 3AM.  The highest winds were seen in Makurazaki, Kyushu up to 160kph near mid-night.


As the storm tracks north east today expect conditions to worsen for major cities including Nagoya, Yokohama and Tokyo through the late morning in to afternoon hours. Once the storm passes though conditions will rapidly improve with temperatures cooler behind the system.

Timeline on NHKWORLD

Timeline on NHKWORLD

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