Residents across Taiwan are bracing for yet another major typhoon to hit the island this year. Actually this could be the 5th “Super Typhoon” or “Violent Typhoon” to hit Taiwan in the past 2 years following Dujuan, Nepartak, Soudelor, and Meranti.



Megi is set to slam in to central Taiwan Tuesday morning as a “Very Strong” typhoon with winds 95G135kts in its inner eye wall. Hualien City looks to take some of the worst of the storm as of now but as we have seen in the past the mountains of Taiwan and the friction associated with them tend to move storms north or south as they near.


Of course the winds will be a major issue for the immediate coastal areas, downed trees, power lines and overturned cars are a real possibility. The good side of being hit so often by typhoons in Taiwan is that they have become accustomed to it and know how to prepare properly.


As always with land falling storms in Taiwan the rainfall will be the major problem. Easily up to 500-800mm of total precipitation will be possible on Tuesday as the storm slams in to the high mountains of the island.


Rainfall Threat in Taiwan on NHKWORLD

Rainfall Threat in Taiwan on NHKWORLD

South Eastern China including Guangdong and Fujian will also see a flood threat much like we seen with Nepartak and Meranti. Unlike Meranti which weakened and turned north, Megi will take a more westerly track lingering in the region while weakening and thus dropping most of its potential rainfall over the area increasing the threat of floods.


For those who want to follow some on the ground reports from in side the storm be sure to follow James Reynolds and Josh Morgerman on Twitter. Both are traveling across Taiwan to get ahead of this ever growing storm system.




 Meanwhile for those in the northern Philippines the Batanes islands have been issued Signal Force Level 2 by PAGASA. Any other time this would be next to nothing for these islands but the province is still in recovery mode following Typhoon Meranti as it blew right over the islands last week.

Further south a slight enhanced monsoon is possible for Luzon but it should not be anything too extreme with some of the banding flaring up Monday Evening.

Western Japan including Ishigaki and Miyako will also see some winds gusting up to 126kph at times. Once again a area that is prone to typhoons and more than built to withstand Cat 1 winds. No evacuations likely on these islands.

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