Archive | September 29, 2016


Western Japan has been battered by continued storms the past 24hrs due to a stationary front lingering over the country combined with moisture from whats left of Typhoon Megi over Eastern China.


The rainfall has been extreme with all time records being broke over 400mm in Nagasaki. But one thing that stood out this morning is the report of a tornado that damaged several homes in Fukuoka.


The tornado injured one person a 50 year old man who was hit with debris in his chest.


It formed around 8:40pm during a particularly intense storm that was riding in off the east china sea.


Radar at time of Tornado

Radar at time of Tornado

Today more storms are possible as the front slowly drifts south east across Japan.

This time of year is considered Tornado season in Japan.  In September an average of 60-80 tornado or downburst events take place across the country often a result of Typhoons. Kind of the opposite of the USA where tornado season peaks as a result of spring storms.