TYPHOON CHABA Landfall expected Monday in Okinawa

Typhoon Chaba continues to near Okinawa with a expected landfall over the southern island of Japan by Monday afternoon. 

Most agencies (below) along with numerical models continue to suggest this stor will move right over Okinawa Honto bringing the fiercest of what could be a Category 3 equivalent Typhoon. 

Key thing to note though is this storm is not a particularly “large” one meaning if the storms track wavers even a little to the east or west conditions and the forecast will dramatically change for the island. 

With that said residents here should still prepare for storm taking those extra precautions such as securing loose and light objects outdoors. Key thing to remember though is that Okinawa is built for storms so as long people stay indoors and ride out the storm without making any poor decisions like heading out to the beach to take photos of the ocean.

By Tuesday afternoon the storm should make its way north with another landfall by the afternoon hours. Further north the winds wil still be strong enough to kick around light objects but more so the rain will be a issue. Especially for the mountains of southern Kyushu through Shikoku and in to Western Honshu. The Tokyo area Tuesday night in to Wednesday will also get heavy rainfall from the storm with possible river flooding. 

(This update was typed on my phone on top of a Elementary School In Tokyo.. Apologize for typos etc. ) 

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