Tropical Depression Julian (Possible Aere) Forms Near Luzon

2016 was a late start to the typhoon season but once the ball started rolling it kept going and now feel like a unstoppable boulder. A new named storm has been announced by PAGASA north east of Luzon.


PAGASA names storms when they enter their “PAR” and are designated a tropical depress. JMA will wait until it becomes a tropical storm before slapping a name on this area. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) will do that likely by Thursday evening according to their forecast.


Philippine Impacts?


For the Philippines out side of some scattered showers in the Batanes Islands I would not expect to much to come from this storm directly. Current forecasts show this system to pass north of the Philippines through the Luzon Strait, and major model consensus takes the system into the South China Sea this weekend, where it will strengthen and take a turn to the west-southwest and southwest towards central Vietnam.

Check Satellite Imagery here. 

One thing that may occur though is a “monsoonal surge” coming in behind the storm that could impact the Central Philippines heading in to the weekend. Even localized flooding is possible in Cebu and surrounding islands in Visayas.


72hr Rainfall Accumulation

72hr Rainfall Accumulation

To check for local warnings from PAGASA I suggest using their FB page, it works smoother and swifter than their website.


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