Chaba Kicks Off Early Season Snowfall In Hokkaido

As we head through October in to November our tropical coverage will start to dwindle and winter weather coverage will come more and more in to play.  Especially now that we are starting to see some of the first snowfalls across parts of Japan.


In fact a common side effect of late season tropical systems is them kicking off cold surges out of Siberia which often rush south ushering in autumn/winter like temperatures across Japan.  This is exactly what is going on this Thursday and Friday mainly for far eastern Russia and Hokkaido Japan.


96hr Snowfall Outlook

96hr Snowfall Outlook

In the mountain ranges of central Hokkaido expect a few centimeters of snowfall to cover the ground as moisture surges in the wake of Chaba.


This would be right on schedule for what is likely to be a average or slightly above average snow season for Japan.

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