Strengthening Typhoon Haima Eyes Northern Luzon

In the wake of Sarika (Karen) another typhoon is emerging in the waters of the Philippine sea and is expected to roll west in to the Philippines by mid-week.  This storm is projected to take a “Megi 2010” like track in to north eastern Luzon.


The good news is from Cagayan south in to Isabela is a region known for getting typhoons and has become hardy against them. Even still a second one in less than a week will put a lot of stress on the already fragile infrastructure in the region.




Haima is located north of Yap and tracking west after bringing tropical storm strength gust to that small island south west of Guam. Yap had high wind warnings issued for it Monday morning but it since has been dropped as conditions improved during the afternoon.

Model Esemble

Model Esemble



Haima will continue to intensify as it works its way through a area favorable for development in the Philippine sea.  Most agencies agree with this forecast with JTWC expected a super typhoon and JMA expecting a violent intensity storm by Tuesday evening.

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Depending on the speed of the storm over the next 48hrs conditions across Luzon will likely worsen sometime Wednesday.  Those ahead of the storm should have preparations for a violent typhoon done by Wednesday morning along with coastal evacuations especially in the north side of the storms center line.


Storm surge could flood low lying areas ahead of Haima but also the wind damage will be an issue; mainly because lot of buildings may already have things jarred loose from the last storm and more prone to being picked by high winds.


By Tuesday a more concrete and detailed forecast will be posted, for now though keep checking in for new updates on our facebook page and also here on the website.

More information on Sarika can be found here. 




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