Typhoon Haima Makes Landfall

Typhoon Haima (Lawin) has made landfall and is now tracking across northern Luzon, already there has been reports of damage but information is limited as power is out and it is still dark out in the area.

PAGASA is taking no chances with this storm issuing the first ever Signal #5 for Cagayan and Isabella in North East Luzon where the storm is expected to come on shore.  Evacuation orders have been issued across Aurora, Cagayan and Ilocos Norte according to local officials.  Meanwhile relief supplies have been set up in hopes to have a swift recovery in northern Luzon following the storm.


There is bound to be damage from this storm,  even though the bulk of the population in Northern Luzon lives away from the coast the winds will still track well inland bringing the threat of damage to areas from Aparri to Iligan City. Max winds at landfall could be gusting well over 300kph, high enough to down trees, power lines toss vehicles and with weaker structures completely destroy them with the wind alone.



Water vapor imagery shows a absurd amount of rainfall inside this storm. Floods are going to be wide spread in north east Luzon especially in poor drainage and urban areas. Furthermore this same region is still drying up from last week’s typhoon making increasing the risk of additional flooding.


Check Satellite Imagery Here 


For those who want to follow someone who is ahead of the storm and will be filming from inside of it do check out the twitter feed below.


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