Some of the coldest temperatures thus far this Autumn are dominating Japan today making for crisp cool conditions. A few locations have actually seen record breaking lows.


The most notable being in Hidaka Hokkaido where a all time record low of -6.7 was reported.


Mean while in the Tokyo area single digit temperatures were seen around 5AM around the city with the mountains just to the north and west dropping below the freezing point.


What is the culprit?


A nice blast of cool air out of Siberia with the Siberian high can be blamed. This cooler air mass was triggered some of the left over moisture and a upper level trough with Haima and behind it a nice dose of winter.


On of top of that the high ushered in north west winds for Hokkaido triggering some early season “sea effect snowfall” on that island. Heaviest snow totals are now over 20cm on Asahi-Dake that islands highest mountain.

How long will it last?


There will be a slight warm up for Japan on Tuesday but the cool temperatures will settle back in after a low over Korea triggering wide spread rain in central Japan before kicking off another cold surge by the weekend. This will continue even into the weekend where the coldest air of the fall should envelope Japan by Sunday in to Monday.


Not just for Japan but cool temperatures will dominate much of North East Asia in to the weekend, this is also a set up of a classic cold surge and thus the tropics will likely be calm during this period due to the cold dry air drilling its way south.


Interesting how all the weather is connected in this way.



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