Tropical Storm Meari continues to shift out to sea and in to the north pacific but the storm has one last impact for East Asia before it weakens out.

That is the cool air being dragged south along the west side of it spawning some heavy sea effect snow for northern areas of Japan over the weekend. In fact in Sapporo 20cm of snow fell thus far in November making it the heaviest start of November snow in 21 years for that city. *Side Fact; Sapporo is the snowiest city on earth with a population over 1,000,000 people*

With the cold air already in place another blast of moisture through mid-week will be the perfect catalyst for a early season snow storm / cold surge in north east Asia.


Starting on Tuesday through Wednesday cold air driving in out of Siberia will pick up moisture across the Sea of Japan and dump it on the mountains of Hokkaido, Tohoku and even further south in to the popular ski areas of Niigata and Nagano.


The front will also be the leading edge of a cold surge that will plunge temperatures down across North East Asia. In Tokyo the mercury will flirt with the zero degree mark by Thursday morning and even in to Naha Okinawa for the first time this autumn the morning low could hit the high teens.


Temperatures will re-bound through the weekend melting off some of the snow but still on the mountain tops it will remain cold enough to keep the snow pack in place.


Eventually this cold front will dive south stalling the tropics out diminishing the chance of any developing typhoons at least for the near future.


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