Surface Analysis Wednesday Morning

Surface Analysis Wednesday Morning

A dangerous and potent storm is dominating Japan today dropping some early season snowfall from Hokkaido all the way south in the mountains of Central Honshu towards the west of Tokyo.


Even in Hakuba snow was reported for the first time this season Tuesday morning while blizzard conditions were seen in the mountains of Yuzuawa. This webcam shows what it looks like at the top of Kagura.


In the hardest hit areas expect up to 40cm of total snowfall to take place, especially in western parts of Hokkaido.


The snow along coastal areas is also being accompanied by high winds, in northern Hokkaido at Souyamisaki winds were reported up to 113kph. This is a result of a high pressure gradient from the low north of Hokkaido interacting with the cold massive high pressure system making its way in from Siberia.

Robert on NHKWORLD

Robert on NHKWORLD

In Okinawa the winds also continue to remain strong out of the north, a classic cold surge for the island. Max wind gust even are expected to push well in to the Tropical storm strength type threshold on this sub-tropical island. It’s a cold wind though and today is most certainly not a day to head out and try to catch some waves as they could be up to 5 meters high along with a serious rip current.


Thing is for a lot of the low lying areas to get snowfall today it may not be sticking on the ground for long, there is a warm up expected heading to the weekend with above average temperatures across most of Japan, this means those areas that did see a little snow will likely have it melted off. Still though the record early season we have been seeing thus far will likely carry in to the winter season.

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