Early Winter Storm in Central Japan and TOKYO

A cold northerly wind is dominating much of North East Asia today as the most potent cold surge of the year flows south kicking the doors wide open for old man winter to walk in.


The cold air is one thing but with a low pressure area creating instability along the pacific coastline of Japan over the next 24hrs we can expect wide spread frozen precipitation for much of Central Japan by Thursday morning.


Forecast Through Thursday Morning


Yamanashi, Niigata and Nagano (Koushin Area) 10CM

Northern Kanto (Chiba) 5CM

Saitama 5CM


Hakone Tama and Chichibu 5CM

Chiba 1CM

Kanagawa and Shizuoka Up to 5CM


The snow should start early morning prior to sunrise in the Greater Tokyo area and continue through early to mid-afternoon.


While most of Japan is built for heavy snowfall especially in the north and along the Sea of Japan coast the Metro Tokyo area is not prepared at all. The roads are narrow and there is such limited snowfall annually that there is little in snow removal.


Total Snowfall Accumulation

Total Snowfall Accumulation

Expect travel delays on the roads, trains and likely at Narita airport where snow is expected.


Good news is things will improve swiftly by Friday and in to the weekend for the Tokyo area, more snow will continue through Friday in the mountains and again early next week. I am sure for many people especially those operating in Ski Country this will be no complaint.

Tokyo 4 Day Forecast JMA

Tokyo 4 Day Forecast JMA

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