Blizzard conditions are dominating the forecast for northern Japan today ushering in some typhoon strength winds, lowzero visibility and plenty of snowfall.


The worst of the weather is even further north in to Far East Russia where Sakhalin and Kamchatka have heavy snow and high wind warnings in place. Since these areas are rather remote with little population there is not much information in regards to how high the winds really are. Overall though those there will be wanting to stay and side and stay warm through Friday.


The highest winds reported in Hokkaido though were up to 126kph in the south eastern end of the island. Honshu also seen winds up to 106kph in Yamagata prefecture. There is no question that commutes this Friday will be a slow go in these areas, but good news Tokyo and most of central and western Japan are fairing rather well. In fact looking outside this morning in Tokyo people will be seeing blue skies, and things should stay that way.


Heading through the weekend the low will drift north and conditions will improve for most of the country. That is until the next storm drifts in by Sunday through Monday bringing much warmer temperatures and wide spread rainfall. In fact Tokyo might even see temperatures push in to the 20s by early next week.


Snow lovers have no fear though, things should return to normal through mid-week with another round of snowfall in the mountains.



Tropics, things remain calm outside of the dominant north east monsoon today. So good news in that regards! Vietnam and Malaysia though could see localized flooding a result of the persistent north easterly winds. Something to keep a eye on here, but as far as organized tropical activity nothing is really jumping out on the scope for now.

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