Tropical Depression “91W” brings rainfall to Vietnam and Cambodia

Heavy rainfall is set to roll on shore in southern Vietnam and Cambodia today due to a Tropical Depression “91W” over the South China Sea.  This area was spawned off the leading edge of the tracknorth east monsoon this past weekend as northern winds combined with the tropical air near the equator to spur on some cyclonic rotation.


For those worried this could develop in to something bigger or even a typhoon I wouldn’t hold your breath since out side of the initial rotation there is not much else working towards forward development of this storm.


Wind shear up to 30-40kts along its north is keeping it tore apart plus the aforementioned north east monsoon is ushering enough dry air to quell even the most violent of storms.


Wind Shear

Still though the flood threat is real for the area. ECMWF model points for up to 100mm in Central Vietnam and extending in to Cambodia. The main issue is this same area seen flooding last week thus high rivers and saturated grounds combined with the new depression rains could result in flooding.


72hr Rainfall Accumulation

72hr Rainfall Accumulation

The Philippines


Not directly associated with the depression is the rains in the central Philippines to start off the work week, this is mainly a result of the recent cold surge and thunderstorms flaring up due to instability along the shear line over the country could be severe at times. Something that shouldn’t change peoples daily routine but still keep a keen eye on conditions as storm could kick up quickly even in the Manila area but mostly further south in Visayas.

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