At least 3 confirmed deaths but possibly more have been reported as of Tuesday morning due to Typhoon Nock-ten after it rolled over the Philippines on Christmas weekend.

Impressively there was not any more deaths from this storm for a few reasons. The big one was the fact it hit over the holiday weekend, a time when many people were just not paying attention to the news or if they were then were just straight up ignoring it and going on with Christmas plans. But what took place ahead of it may have saved hundreds of lives, mass forced evacuations by people actually going to low lying communities and forcing people to get out ahead of the storm.


This is fantastic news and truly represents the scope of change since Typhoon Haiyan just 4 years ago.


There still will be a road to recovery though, the worst hit areas of Camarines Sur seen about 60% of the local infrastucutre destroyed with most of the area losing power. Now emergency officials are working to get things back up and running but as always this is going to take some time.


Also good news is the storm tracked further south missing the highly populated city of Manila out of the worst of the storm. I am sure attitude this morning on this storm would be vastly different if it had actually rolled over that metro with 9 million plus people.



Where is the storm now..


Now it is in a heavy weight boxing match with the North East Monsoon and losing. Dry air, and high wind shear will force Nock-ten (Nina) to continue to weaken over the next 48hrs eventually becoming a tropical depression over the south china sea. Great news for Vietnam and Cambodia who have been watching this storm in fear of a repeat of what we seen in the Philippines. For now though that does not look like it will happen.



Personal note:


Big thanks to the entire westpacwx crew and community for all the information put out during this storm. I personally already had plans over the holidays in Japan and was unable to write updates or put out videos. If it not for the team here and the fb page PTS I am sure this avenue of information would have not been available. I do hope it continues to stay that way though and helps more people out in the future.

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