New Years Weekend Weather Outlook, Snow and Tropics Remain Calm

It looks like a classic winter weather setup heading in to the weekend across Japan with up to 40cm of snowfall possible in Niigata and Nagano and over 30cm further north in to Hokkaido.


This is big news for those maybe heading out the mountains to spend their new years holiday in Japan. One of the biggest holidays of the year and prime for people traveling across the country.


With the snowfall in place and roads already packed be sure to plan accordingly if you are traveling, even in by plan or train as most of them will be booked up.


For those who want to take a look at the snow forecast check out the video below. This is mostly for those in Nagano but also discussing the weather overall across Japan.

Meanwhile in to China high pressure with the latest cold surge is dominating creating rough air quality. Today in Beijing the air quality is good but as this cold high dominates over the next several days expect conditions to deteriorate for much of NE china in regards to pollution.


Meanwhile in the tropics the North East Monsoon is dominating, there was another little low out south of Guam which is still there but I personally would not worry about it to much. Overall cooler northerly winds and scattered showers for eastern sea boards will dominating south east Asia over the long weekend.

This is just a quick update, so if you are looking for more information please do check out our facebook page.


Also want to note for those who are getting in to weather or want to get your information out there more we are always taking people in to type up forecast here on the website. Please let us know if you are interested.

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