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Daily Weather Brief – January 31st (New Format)

Michael for the a unknown amount of time will be unable to do the daily weather brief due to personal reasons. So I will try my best to take up the reigns on the daily update. Do note it will be in a different format and more or less a quick break down of everything going on across the western Pacific. The city by city forecast will no longer be available as I assume most people use their phones and website apps for that. (Plus it takes some time) If anyone objects to the new format please let me know and Ill try my best to keep it the same way Michael has had it.

January 31st



Following record warmth across Japan on Monday where Tokyo actually hit the 20 degree mark about 11 degrees above average for this time of year things are now starting to get a little back to normal. A new cold surge has set up ushering colder temperatures and strong northerly winds across the country.


Where this cold air is coming from is in Northern China where temperatures dropped well below freezing for the entire region on Monday, in Seoul the high was only around -2C indicating that even though there was a short burst of warmth things are still very Winter like.



The cold in the north is keeping things cool but wet in the central areas. From South East China through the southern islands of Japan scattered showers and cooling temperatures are in the forecast. Specifically south of Shanghai through northern Taiwan and in to Ishigaki today.


Naha (Okinawa) is forecasted to see cloudy conditions and maybe light drizzle but the heavier of the rain will remain further south. Temperatures will range between the upper teens C (low 60’s F) over the higher terrain of the region to the mid 20’s C (upper 70’s F) in the south.




Further South the North East Monsoon is the main player in the weather game.  There will be some scattered showers on the leading edge of the monsoon in north east Luzon along with gusty winds.  PAGASA has stated that any one venturing out in to the seas in these areas could experience moderate to rough conditions.


Meanwhile the plume of moisture that impacted the Philippines over the weekend is now creeping east and is bringing scattered showers to Malaysia and Eastern Thailand.



LATER THIS WEEK there is a weak LPA we are watching east of the Philippines that could bring additional rainfall. Right now this is shown on the satellite picture as a weak blob of moisture but I feel it warrants a little bit of watching so lets keep a close eye on it.


Guam is sitting under a nice dominant Westpac high, so for now Michael and any one else on the island is enjoying some sunny skies and hopefully soaking in the rays. Have a great Tuesday everyone!