Archive | March 2, 2017

Japan Weekend Winter Weather Outlook

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Its Friday and that means its time to take a look at what the weekend has in store for us across Japan. Overall it is a typical start to much, we have a passing low that is spiking up temperatures slightly but also swiftly followed in with rapidly cooling conditions across the country.

Below is a live video I put out on Thursday. It’s a little rough as it was the first one I did using new software.

Heading in to Friday heavy snow and high winds will be seen in along the Sea of Japan coastline of Hokkaido and Hokoriku. Through Saturday the snow will still be there but winds should taper off slightly with breaks in cloud cover for areas further inland.

By Sunday morning I think conditions will improve until a new trough starts to work its way in over northern Japan by Sunday night. This will not be a full blown storm system but will be enough to cause lifting out of the sea of Japan increasing the threat of snowfall across the island.

TOKYO all weekend will see clear to partly cloudy skies in with temperatures in the mid-teens for the highs.