A tropical disturbance over the central and southern Philippines has been bringing heavy rainfall over the past 24hrs and is expected to continue to do so for the coming days.



Himawari 8 Vis. Imagery

This is all associated with invest 90W which is located right over Mindanao as shown in this high resolution imagery from the Himawari 8 Satellite.  With the prevailing winds coming in from the east much of Samar and north east Mindanao will likely take the brunt of the rain that this disturbance has to offer. PAGASA has issued heavy rain warnings on the low.


Chance of further development?


None at all, in fact the tropics on all model platforms remains mundane throughout the forecast period.  Do remember though that the 2016 typhoon season was a late starter as well with June 26th being the date of the first named storm in the basin. Meanwhile in 2015 there was at least 1 named storm per month all year.


2015 Typhoon Season, 1 named storm per month

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