Tropical Blob Watch? Might cool temperatures down in the Philippines

A southern Philippine blob watch is in place, what I mean by that is by the end of the week we could see a weak low pressure area blow up and bring some heavy rains to the Visayas / Mindanao area.  This could be a relief though for some of the areas looking at increasing



temperatures as we head in to the “Philippine Summer” this is basically the lull before tropical season kicks in but after the north east monsoon weakens allowing for limited cloud cover and south westerly winds in the country.


For now though models only suggest this but in all practicality it is possible so lets keep a close eye on the tropics east of Palau over the coming days for possible development.


In short though, it really is a testament to how calm things are in the tropics that this is even worth noting this time of year. Enjoy the calmness while it last.

One Response to “Tropical Blob Watch? Might cool temperatures down in the Philippines”

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