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This whole topic is very interesting so if you want to find Additional Information it can be found here from the AMS.


Tropical Blob Watch? Might cool temperatures down in the Philippines

A southern Philippine blob watch is in place, what I mean by that is by the end of the week we could see a weak low pressure area blow up and bring some heavy rains to the Visayas / Mindanao area.  This could be a relief though for some of the areas looking at increasing



temperatures as we head in to the “Philippine Summer” this is basically the lull before tropical season kicks in but after the north east monsoon weakens allowing for limited cloud cover and south westerly winds in the country.


For now though models only suggest this but in all practicality it is possible so lets keep a close eye on the tropics east of Palau over the coming days for possible development.


In short though, it really is a testament to how calm things are in the tropics that this is even worth noting this time of year. Enjoy the calmness while it last.


A tropical disturbance over the central and southern Philippines has been bringing heavy rainfall over the past 24hrs and is expected to continue to do so for the coming days.



Himawari 8 Vis. Imagery

This is all associated with invest 90W which is located right over Mindanao as shown in this high resolution imagery from the Himawari 8 Satellite.  With the prevailing winds coming in from the east much of Samar and north east Mindanao will likely take the brunt of the rain that this disturbance has to offer. PAGASA has issued heavy rain warnings on the low.


Chance of further development?


None at all, in fact the tropics on all model platforms remains mundane throughout the forecast period.  Do remember though that the 2016 typhoon season was a late starter as well with June 26th being the date of the first named storm in the basin. Meanwhile in 2015 there was at least 1 named storm per month all year.


2015 Typhoon Season, 1 named storm per month

Japan Weekend Winter Weather Outlook

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Its Friday and that means its time to take a look at what the weekend has in store for us across Japan. Overall it is a typical start to much, we have a passing low that is spiking up temperatures slightly but also swiftly followed in with rapidly cooling conditions across the country.

Below is a live video I put out on Thursday. It’s a little rough as it was the first one I did using new software.

Heading in to Friday heavy snow and high winds will be seen in along the Sea of Japan coastline of Hokkaido and Hokoriku. Through Saturday the snow will still be there but winds should taper off slightly with breaks in cloud cover for areas further inland.

By Sunday morning I think conditions will improve until a new trough starts to work its way in over northern Japan by Sunday night. This will not be a full blown storm system but will be enough to cause lifting out of the sea of Japan increasing the threat of snowfall across the island.

TOKYO all weekend will see clear to partly cloudy skies in with temperatures in the mid-teens for the highs.