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Tropical Storm Muifa, First Named Storm of 2017

We now officially have our first named tropical storm of the 2017 Typhoon Season. “Muifa” This one is not a threat to any major land areas though and will quickly get absorbed by a passing trough to the north.


Don’t panic, yes JMA is tracking a Tropical Depression east of the Philippines, but it should quickly become absorbed by a passing mid-latitude trough through mid-week without bringing any impact to the Philippines or any major land masses for that matter.



As of Monday morning the Tropical Depression was looking rather organized on


Vis / IR Sat Monday Morning

satellite imagery as it pulled north west to the east of the Philippines. Good news is that a trough diving south out of North East Asia through mid-week will hook this low and reel it in to the north.  Most numerical models all agree with this forecast as my personal views on it based on the current synoptic situation.

In short, it looks interesting, and given it is April our ears have perked up towards it, but in the end its just something to look at with no real threat.

Tropics Remain April Like (April 20th )

The tropics remain calm this week following Tropical Depression Crising this past weekend that left 8 dead in Visayas and resulted in wide spread flooding across the central Philippines.


Now typical April weather is back and we are continuing to see the “Philippine summer” dominate the Philippines. Do note though the remnants of Crising can be seen swirling just north of Luzon this Thursday. It is doing little more than bringing breezy conditions and low lying clouds to the region though as it gets absorbed by a passing mid-latitude trough to the north.


The start of the south west monsoon slowly working its way in to the Indo-china peninsula resulting in increasing afternoon thunderstorms for Thailand.


Tropical Forecast (Click here to see the JTWC Forecast Map)


JMA and JTWC both have no short range outlooks in the tropics while models keep things pretty limited as well. At least for now we can all relax and continue to enjoy this lull in the typically active western pacific basin.