Archive | May 18, 2017


As we approach typhoon season it looks more and more like we will see a above average season across the western pacific. This will be due to the above average sea surface temperatures already building in across the Westpac. That combined with the common trend over the past few years of above average seasons with the exception of 2016 one can come to the conclusion that given the factors in place this season should be no different.

 Weather outlook

The average number of tropical storms (named storms via JMA) is 26 per year with 16 typhoons and 9 super typhoons.


Also thanks to the warm waters off the Philippine east coast stronger than average storms are possible in this region, in years past this has become to be known as the “Philippine sea effect”. Right now though this forecast is what I would like to call a “educated guess” , it is not completely a shot in the dark but do realize that it is a long term outlook. One should continue to check the daily and weekly outlooks to see if any threats are looming on the horizon.