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PAGASA announces the start of the Southwest Monsoon

As we head more and more in to May and June the south west monsoon as scheduled is starting to get a hold on across southeast Asia. His includes the Philippines where on Wednesday May 24th PAGASA announced the official start of the “Hagabat” or the southwest monsoon.

This does not mean the “rainy season” has begun in the country though, it just stresses that persistant south westerly winds instead of north easterly are going to dominate. Although soon after the wind switch the rains follow close behind. According to PAGASA Meteorologist Robert Sawi stated that typically the full force of the rainy season moves in by late May to Early June.


One difference between this year and last year is the fact that the rainy season may bring more typhoons to the Philippines. Last year a strong El Nino kept most storms away from the country but with that being much weaker now the risk of potential cyclones hitting the country are higher.

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