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Tropical Depression Pakhar continues to spread rain across Southern China, Macau, and Hong Kong

20170827 1800 16W METSATAt 0200 CST (1800 UTC), Pakhar was downgraded to a tropical depression by the Japan Meteorological Agency.  The center of circulation was in northern Guangxi region, about 225 km north-northeast of the regional capital of Nanning.

At that time, Yellow Typhoon Warnings were in effect for Zhuhai and Jiangmen City in Guangdong province, advising that winds of Beaufort Force 8-9 (gale force, 62-88 km/h) are being observed.  Blue Typhoon Warnings for portions of Guangxi region are also in effect, advising of Beaufort Force 6-7 (39-61 km/h) winds.  Heavy rains still affecting Hong Kong and Macau as they recover from both Pakhar and Hato.  The 24 hours prior to 0800 CST Sunday (27/0000 UTC) shown that 60-100 mm of rain fell on those cities with rain continuing to fall there and across Guangxi and Guangdong.

Given that it is now a tropical depression, JMA has suspended advisories, but the China Meteorological Agency and subordinate provincial agencies will continue to monitor the flooding situation associated with Pakhar.


Japan Mountain Day (山の日)

A relativly new holiday in Japan is Mountain day! A national holiday set aside for people to head up to the mountains across Japan and enjoy the unique things the small towns and villages have to offer in the highlands of the country.

I personally will be heading to Tanigawa Dake this weekend and plan on sharing some of my adventure on here as well but for now I would like to share some quick tips for those who plan on getting in to some high altitude areas this weekend or anytime for that matter.


  1. Be sure to pack proper gear, to many times have I seen people head up a mountain wearing shorts and a t-shirt only to find out its cold at the top of the mountain! Yes even in summer temperatures can dip below the freezing point if you go high enough, including in Japan. Just the last few nights Mt. Fuji lingered right around the 0 degree mark.
  2. Take your time! Even the most fit people can suffer form altitude sickness. Its no fun being on top of a mountain and then getting a raging headache, if you do start to feel it get down to a lower elevation and more oxygen as soon as possible.
  3. Be smart! Dont push yourself in to areas you do not feel comfortable, and  of course have fun! Otherwise whats the point in walking around nature in the first place!