Tropical Depression Pakhar continues to spread rain across Southern China, Macau, and Hong Kong

20170827 1800 16W METSATAt 0200 CST (1800 UTC), Pakhar was downgraded to a tropical depression by the Japan Meteorological Agency.  The center of circulation was in northern Guangxi region, about 225 km north-northeast of the regional capital of Nanning.

At that time, Yellow Typhoon Warnings were in effect for Zhuhai and Jiangmen City in Guangdong province, advising that winds of Beaufort Force 8-9 (gale force, 62-88 km/h) are being observed.  Blue Typhoon Warnings for portions of Guangxi region are also in effect, advising of Beaufort Force 6-7 (39-61 km/h) winds.  Heavy rains still affecting Hong Kong and Macau as they recover from both Pakhar and Hato.  The 24 hours prior to 0800 CST Sunday (27/0000 UTC) shown that 60-100 mm of rain fell on those cities with rain continuing to fall there and across Guangxi and Guangdong.

Given that it is now a tropical depression, JMA has suspended advisories, but the China Meteorological Agency and subordinate provincial agencies will continue to monitor the flooding situation associated with Pakhar.


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