Archive | October 17, 2017

Lan (Paolo) now a typhoon, targeting Okinawa and Kyushu

Good morning from the Western Pacific Weather team.

As the sun rises in the Western Pacific on this Wednesday, Lan (Paolo) is now churning in the region as a strong typhoon east of the Philippines. The warm sea surface temperatures (estimated at 29-30C) are allowing the system to moderately develop. While there are winds coming from the west and south, the steering currents are relatively weak, causing the storm to only slightly move north and east, and this will be pretty characteristic of Lan going through the next few days.

In the meantime, while the storm will not be moving westward toward the Philippines, it is expected to bring some rain for Cebu and southward into Mindanao. These bands will likely produce localized heavy rainfall with some flash flooding possible. These conditions will likely continue for the next few days with a northward trend for the precipitation through the rest of the week.

In its current pattern, it does look like that Lan will still be heading toward the Okinawan Islands, approaching ever so closely by the end of the week. While we are not expecting a direct landfall, those on Okinawa should continue to keep an eye on the system with a preparation mentality as the system rolls toward the region. As a courtesy, please make sure to tie down any loose objects before the weekend so that any strong winds will not carry away debris that can cause injury or damage.

The storm is expected to intensify into a very strong typhoon in a couple of days, and so it is likely that rough surf will be seen on the coastal areas of Okinawa by the end of the week before the storm brushes by the islands.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather