Powerful winds to batter Okinawa; Tokyo in line for stormy conditions

Good morning from the Western Pacific Weather team.

Typhoon Lan has maintained its status as a strong typhoon and remains quite large in its scale. The track has become narrower in terms of the storm’s center, but the system remains set on heading toward Japan by this weekend.

Those in Okinawa are not within the target range of Lan’s center, but it is still under Japan Meteorological Agency’s criteria of the storm warning area. It is recommended at this point to secure all outdoor belongings, including trash cans, trampolines, and any items that could be easily tossed in the wind. Heavy downpours and flash flooding are also possible if the storm brushes closer to the west of its current path.

The timing of poor conditions for Okinawa will be from Friday evening through Sunday morning. During this time, it will be quite difficult for anyone to be able to travel. These will not be the worst conditions the islands have faced, but it will be rough going for those hours. Typhoon Lan is expected to intensify into a very strong typhoon within 24 hours, which will make conditions treacherous for those in the region.

As Lan moves north and east from Okinawa, those in western Japan should prepare to see stormy conditions starting late Saturday into Sunday. The national election for the lower house of the Diet will be impacted by those conditions. By late Sunday, those in the central and eastern areas of Japan will begin to see direct impact of Typhoon Lan as it begins to move onshore. The height of the storm for Tokyo and the surrounding area will be Monday into early Tuesday morning. Be prepared for flash flooding, torrential downpours, and powerful wind gusts.

The system should begin to depart from Japan by Tuesday, though the wraparound moisture and associated rain bands are expected to impact the northern areas of Japan into Hokkaido throughout the day.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

20171020 Thrusday 21 UTC Track

About Jonathan Oh

Jonathan Oh is a meteorologist on Western Pacific Weather and appearing on NHK World. Jonathan has been working in the field for more than 10 years with a focus on broadcast, radar, and computer model forecasting. He is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

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