Lan on its way out, another TD on its way in?

Good afternoon from the Western Pacific Weather team.

After a busy overnight period, Lan is working its way out of Japan, though it is maintaining its strength as a severe tropical storm, (UPDATED: as a weakened low pressure system), causing strong winds to persist through eastern Japan as far south as Tokyo, where skies are completely clear. The winds are expected to relax moving forward into Monday night. Snow was reported for the first time this season on Mount Fuji, which is 23 days later than normal. Heavy snow concerns are in place for those in Hokkaido for the duration of the day.

According to NHK, four people are dead, and more than 130 injuries have been reported.

Lan will work its way out of Japan during the overnight hours, though northern Japan may still encounter strong winds for the early hours of Tuesday. Lan will no longer hold its tropical characteristics or even its status as a low pressure system by that point.

The attention for the Western Pacific now turns to a developing low pressure system near the Mariana Islands. The system is quite disorganized as it is encountering a lot of resistance and shear. However, the depression should begin to organize itself and become a better developed system by Tuesday. The future track of this system widely varies progressing later this week, and therefore, it would be best to state that there is low confidence in its future track past Wednesday. Up until then, there is a fairly certain confidence that the depression will develop into a tropical storm in 24 hours.

Thanks to all those who were reporting in and letting us know of the weather in your area. We hope that you were able to stay safe during this storm.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

20171023 PM Satellite

About Jonathan Oh

Jonathan Oh is a meteorologist on Western Pacific Weather and appearing on NHK World. Jonathan has been working in the field for more than 10 years with a focus on broadcast, radar, and computer model forecasting. He is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

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