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Rain continues for central and eastern Japan due to Saola

Good evening from the Western Pacific Weather team.

20171029 1720 JMA Radar.png

Severe Tropical Storm Saola has left its mark over Okinawa and the western areas of Japan, and now the storm brings continued rainfall over central and eastern Japan. The Kinki and Tokai regions are getting the heaviest amount of rainfall with estimates of 50 to 80 millimeters of rain per hour during the 5 p.m. hour Sunday. The rain will continue for those regions while slowly shifting to the east.

20171029 JMA Track.pngTokyo and the Kanto-Koshin region will see increasing rainfall through the evening and overnight period. Be on the lookout for possible flash flooding. Landslide risks will remain for central Japan through the next 24 hours. Rainfall amounts can exceed 100 millimeters in certain locations in a matter of a couple of hours, and so please be on the lookout for flooding problems.

Once the system passes south of Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefectures, we’re expecting a windy start to Monday, but the rain should end relatively quickly.

You can check out some of the videos submitted by our followers in the comment section of the following Facebook post by clicking here. Thank you so much to those who submitted these videos!

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather