Archive | November 3, 2017

Typhoon Damrey to land in Vietnam within 18-24 hours

Good afternoon from the Western Pacific Weather team.

Damrey is now a strong typhoon packing winds of 126 kph with gusts up to 180 kph, bringing significant concerns for those living in the Indochina Peninsula. The storm is already bringing an estimated 55 kph sustained winds in southern Vietnam and has placed the southern Indochina Peninsula under a Storm Warning Area.

The storm will bring significant winds for the southern portions of the peninsula as the storm is expected to intensify as it approaches Vietnam overnight into Saturday. Flooding rainfall is likely with potential landslides due to a region that was already saturated with rainfall. Landfall is expected within 18-24 hours, meaning it should arrive sometime during the day Saturday local time. Those into Da Nang and central into southern Vietnam are likely to receive the most precipitation from the outset, followed by inward progress as the typhoon makes its way through the peninsula.

The storm should quickly weaken soon after making landfall, but it is likely that those in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand will see plenty of rain from this system through the weekend.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather