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Tropical storm to impact southeastern Vietnam starting Sunday

Good evening from the Western Pacific Weather team.

A tropical depression that departed the Philippines late Friday has intensified into a tropical storm named Kirogi. The system is making its way toward southeastern Vietnam, including areas like Nha Trang and Dalat, and is expected to make landfall sometime Sunday afternoon. The storm is not expected to become stronger than its current form, but it is expected to bring a significant amount of rainfall with estimates indicating up to 100 mm of rainfall in about 12 hours. This means torrential downpours are expected near the center of circulation, leading to serious flash flooding and flooding issues during the day Sunday and into Monday. Residents from Nha Trang in Vietnam through Phnom Penh in Cambodia are in the expected path of Kirogi. Be on the alert for this system to be in the area for the first couple of days of this workweek. The system will quickly weakened into a tropical depression by Monday afternoon, and the system should no longer pose a flooding threat by late Monday.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

20171118 TS Kirogi