Archive | December 16, 2017

Weaker Kai-tak (Urduja) still bringing heavy rain into Visayas and Luzon

Good evening from the Western Pacific Weather team.

The center of Kai-tak is hovering right over Samar as it slowly drifts to the west. While the sea surface temperatures are decently warm, there’s enough resistance to where the storm is not able to fully develop an efficient circulation to maintain any type of momentum. Winds are significantly slower than expected, though there is still plenty of rainfall that is falling. PAGASA Doppler Radar estimates rain rates as high as 10 mm/hr, and the sustained rain pattern will continue to be of concern as we go into the overnight hours.

Plenty of flooding has been reported, including crop damage for those located in the Cebu area. Expect the rain to continue for the central areas of the Philippines, extending as far north as Manila. The rain will likely continue through Sunday and possibly even into Monday for the western areas of the nation. There is a possibility that this system might be weakening further over the next couple of days, but the rain impacts will still be around for the next 24-48 hours.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

20171216 Saturday 06 UTC Track