Archive | December 18, 2017

Kai-tak passing over Palawan, significant rain in southern Luzon

Good afternoon from the Western Pacific Weather team.

Tropical Storm Kai-tak (Urduja) is passing over Palawan in the western Philippines but is drawing significant moisture into southern Luzon. This is leading to significant rainfall, including flash flooding problems. The rain is training (moving along a single area) and will likely continue to lead to problems through the overnight period.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of the impact of Kai-tak is being seen in Samar as mudslides and flooding continue to be a major problem for the island. At least 26 people have died so far, and thousands of people are still stranded. Around 90,000 people have been evacuated due to the storm.

Kai-tak is having a hard time staying together, and so it is expected to become a tropical depression by the middle of the week.

There have been questions regarding 97W, and there is the potential that this might develop according to some of the computer models. However, there is enough resistance in the form of wind shear to where the system may struggle to truly develop. If the pattern of Kai-tak’s lack of development is any indication, 97W would probably have a bit of a difficult time developing. We will have to monitor this as we go through the week.

Jonathan Oh
Meteorologist, Western Pacific Weather

20171218 06 UTC